My name is Patience Tennant and this is the beginning of a new adventure for me. That’s right I have red hair and blue eyes and that makes me rare. While growing up I never was fond of reading books, I thought it was older people who did not have anything to do. I was a rambunctious child, hint hint I was the only child until I was 12, but I had friends who lived behind me and we stayed out at night playing flash-light tag. AH the good ole days.   Now that I’m an adult I decided to try reading again. To my surprise it is my new hobby  that has spread like wildfire.

I have a wonderful family, a loving boyfriend and sweet spoil little chihuahua puppy.  In 2018 I will graduate from college with my bachelors and I could NOT be more excited!! A friend of mine told me recently that I should start writing book reviews and start blogging them. Why didn’t I think of that? Gez! I took their advice and here I am! Hello Blogging World! I have a corky personality and I want to bring that to this blog.

I actually started this blogging to gain experience and to be part of a society that I have not seen yet. I want to share books that I enjoy to others, and I want others to give me books to read as well. I want to share with authors and followers my opinions on books.  I’m hoping this blog will be successful. Click on the social media links at the top or bottom and follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.