Dating An Alien Popstar

Image result for dating an alien popstarAuthor: Kendra L. Saunders
Publisher: Clean Teen Publishing
Published: June 7, 2016
Rating: 4


Daisy Kirkwood has only just escaped her small-town life and run away to New York City, the land of last-minute secret gigs at famous musical venues, when she’s kidnapped by aliens. Unfortunately, no one ever writes about how to handle alien abduction in those fancy NYC guidebooks.

Griffin and Dev are supermassively sexy aliens from a politically and environmentally troubled planet who arrive on Earth with very little knowledge about human ways other than what they learned from a wayward E! News signal. Their mission is to pretend to be the most influential people on the planet—English pop stars, of course!—and gain the help of a powerful secret society. Upon arriving, they abduct Daisy Kirkwood, a nerdy young woman who loves music but could seriously use a bit of help in the love-life department. Though Griffin and Daisy initially squabble, neither can deny the intergalactic sparks whenever they’re too close to each other. Together, they must face murderous aliens, cultural misunderstandings, bad backup musicians, and the dark side of fame and the media, all set against a tight deadline…

Part High Fidelity, part Bridget Jones’ Diary, part Doctor Who, Dating an Alien Pop Star is a sexy romantic comedy.


This is a cute little story about two aliens who come to earth to gain the attention of a secret society, to win the wager that Griffin has with his father.On Earth, they meet a corky woman named Daisy Kirkwood and they take her into their custody into helping Griffin become a pop star.  If there is ever a time that we are abducted by aliens I hope I go in the way that Daisy Kirkwood did. I really enjoyed the modern day time frame this story takes place in. I really liked how the author added her personality to the story and it definitely shows! I like Griffin who is an alien, and then there are times I cannot stand him. Griffin has a personality that I cannot even begin explaining! He is comical, conceited, cocky, he has his sweet moments, and oh did I mention a fashion diva! I really love the two quotes below that you added to your book! I laughed a good five minutes after reading these.

“Griffin marches over to me. “You have singing plates here? I haven’t seen any singing plates. Where are they? Why don’t I hear them?” “No. I’m just making a Disney movie reference.” ” Disney! Oh, I’ve heard of him.” Griffin shrugs and walks away having clearly lost interest in me.” 

Image result for be our guest gifs

“You have no right to anything on my planet. I can call the president for backup if I want to. And Will Smith. And Jeff Goldblum.”

Image result for Independence day gifs

Griffin acts immature for a good portion of the book. I really wanted him to grow up and act like a man.Even though he did buy Daisy some clothes and thought about her at times, I wanted him to act like he was there to save the world instead of an annoying brat. There were parts of the book that took me a while to get through, they seemed to linger on me. The beginning pulled me in as well as the first couple chapters, but there were some chapters like when Griffin has an interview at the studio and practicing with a new band at the recording studio that seemed to go on and on and I had to re-read them because I zoned out.

This story gave me so many mixed feelings. I would be enjoying the book and laughing at the conversations Griffin and Daisy would have and the little inserts the author added, and then I just was could not stay with it, and I think it’s how  Griffin is written. Always wanting someone to dress him, waiting on him hand and foot, ordering his food, and watching him constantly, I feel he could have been an amazing character if he was more mature with some of corkiness.

If you’re interested in aliens, pop music, and corky little things, then Dating An Alien Popstar is for you! To find out more you can visit Amazon, Goodreads, and Kendra Saunders Website.



Kendra L. Saunders is a time-and-space traveling fashionista author who writes books about magical, dark-haired men, interviews famous people, and suggests way too many bands to you via whatever social media platform she can get her hands on. She writes with good humor because humor is the best weapon for a girl who can’t learn karate or ballroom dancing.



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